What sets La Cima apart from the competition

La Cima’s financial and legal expertise together with practical business experience distinguish it from collection, legal, financial, and consulting firms.


Creative Solutions for Turn-Arounds: The La Cima Team is distinguished by our:

  • Ability to access fresh capital though our extensive network of contacts in the finance and business world.
  • Multi-disciplinary approach to problems, drawing upon our backgrounds in law, finance and business to develop creative solutions.
  • Hands-on experience as board members, controlling shareholders, and team leaders helping companies overcome financial, legal, and compliance challenges.


Legal Expertise:  We have a sophisticated understanding of the law:

  • Two of the founders have had careers as practicing lawyers (in LATAM and the U.S., respectively) and the third headed the legal affairs division of FMO, with responsability for its almost Euros 10 billions global portfolio.
  • The hundreds of legal and insolvency actions we have overseen around the world informs our intensely practical approach to documentation, litigation and execution.
  • We have an unrivalled global network of attorneys and investigators, but at the same time are free to select whomever we regard as best suited for a particular matter.

Ethics and Compliance:   

We have a sterling reputation for integrity and compliance, earned over decades in our past roles as government officials in LATAM, the U.S., and Europe, as well in our roles as government contractors.